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New In: the extreme Extraits of WESKER

Our curator was impressed by the quest for the exceptional that guides the two founders. "Their patented technology allows the natural ingredients to express themselves with greater intensity. Their bottles are hand-decorated with gold leaf. Each piece is a one-off".

What fragrance to offer on Valentine's Day?

The most romantic holiday of the year is fast approaching and you're wondering what gift to give your other half. You want to please them, show them your love, but also get them something new and original, something that really reflects their personality. You've thought about flowers, jewelry, chocolates, even a well-known perfume, but these gifts seem too classic, too familiar. You want to stand out from the crowd, stand out from the crowd, surprise them. So why not opt for a niche perfume?

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5 sensual niche fragrances for Valentine's Day

Looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your Significant Other? Why not choose a fragrance that will reveal their personality and awaken their senses? Whether the person you're thinking of this Valentine's Day is romantic, daring, mysterious, or sexy, there's a fragrance made just for them.  Here's our selection of 5 sensual fragrances that will make hearts and senses tumble.

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  • L'Arbre du Monde—the name alone conjures up visions of ancient forests, whispered secrets, and the earth's heartbeat. Let me tell you, this scent is like a clandestine rendezvous with Mother Nature herself.

Camille Leguay has woven magic into every drop. Picture this: you're standing at the edge of a sun-dappled forest, the air thick with anticipation. The roots of vetiver plunge deep into the fertile soil, grounding you, giving you the strength of ancient oaks. And the cedarwood is like wrapping yourself in a cozy, well-worn flannel shirt.

But wait, there's more. As you inhale, the ylang ylang blooms like a thousand golden petals, teasing your senses. It's the promise of a warm breeze, the kind that tousles your hair and whispers, "Go ahead, dream big." And then, the cardamom steps in—a mischievous companion, urging your ideas to blossom, your projects to soar.

L'Arbre du Monde isn't just a fragrance; it's a portal. Close your eyes, spritz it on, and suddenly you're standing at the crossroads of Earth and Sky. The leaves rustle secrets, the bark hums forgotten melodies, and you? You're part of something ancient and eternal.

So, my fellow scent adventurer, don't just wear this perfume—become it. Let the forest wrap around you, let the whispers of the world infuse your skin. Wear it to board meetings, to candlelit dinners, to lazy Sunday afternoons. Wear it when you need courage, when you crave connection, when you want to dance with the wind.

L'Arbre du Monde is a love letter to the universe, penned in scented ink. And when you wear it, you're writing your own chapter in the Book of Timeless Beauty. Go ahead, spritz. The forest faits.

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  • Our curator’s review: "Imagine a clandestine rendezvous in a barely-lit Parisian bistro, where whispers of secrets and stolen glances float in the air. This fragrance is your passport to what promises to be an intoxicating evening. 

The Opening: When you spray this elixir, the aldehydes burst like champagne bubbles - effervescent, festive. They are the laughter of a mysterious stranger across a crowded room. And then there's the bergamot - the sparkling smile of an old friend who knows all your secrets. Together, they prepare you for what's to come. 

The Heart: The splendid camellia blooms, its petals whispering tales of love and desire. Frankincense, labdanum, resinoids and Peruvian balsam drape themselves around it like a velvet cloak. 

The Base: As the hours pass, L'Indomptable reveals its Byzantine splendour. It envelops you in sophistication - a perfectly fitted dress. But don't be fooled; sensuality lurks beneath the surface. It's the feel of a silk scarf against bare skin, the promise of whispered confessions in a limousine.  

If you're looking for a fragrance that defies convention, L'Indomptable is waiting for you. Let it liberate your senses. For in this bottle lies the essence of Paris - the insatiable, the untamable."
  • We are smitten by their Extraits de parfum, which are highly rated on @fragranticaofficial , and by the beauty of their handmade bottles.
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  • We are delighted to see that @Wearescentient has singled out Shower and Smoke by Parfums Artimique.

Read the review here:

SHOWER & SMOKE is a fragrance that plays on the contrasts between freshness and smoke, between cleanliness and addiction, between light and shadow. It's a contemporary and original citrus fragrance, evoking the sensation of a freshly taken shower, mixed with the tobacco smoke of a freshly lit cigarette. 

It opens with sparkling, energising notes of lemon, bergamot and grapefruit, enhanced by vibrant, aromatic spices like absinthe, ginger, cardamom and black pepper. 

The heart reveals brilliant neroli, which brightens the composition and prolongs its freshness, and blond tobacco, which adds a smoky, addictive touch. 

The base is softer and more sensual, with notes of cedarwood, sandalwood, musk and amber providing a warm, enveloping base. 

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  • Hello everyone! 

We hope this festive season brings you happiness and delicious moments.

May this time of the year be filled with enchanting scents, precious moments and shared laughters ! 🥂
  • RADIANT, ELEGANT AND SENSUAL OUD. Mémoires d'une Palmeraie 14 stands out in the world of oriental perfumery for the subtle influence of French savoir-faire it reveals. 

This luminous, enveloping fragrance offers a superb contemporary interpretation of classic oriental scents, combining traditional notes with unexpected elements to create a unique olfactory experience. 

At the heart of this composition is oud wood, an emblematic ingredient of oriental perfumery. However, Mémoires d'une Palmeraie 14 presents it in a new light, combining it with notes of saffron and Damask rose for a result that is both familiar and surprising. The addition of a palm accord brings a freshness and lightness that contrasts with the usual depth and intensity of oriental fragrances. This botanical note, created especially for FO'AH, evokes the gentle breeze of an oasis, bringing a new, modern dimension to the fragrance. 

Mémoires d'une Palmeraie 14 stands out for its ability to combine the richness of oriental fragrances with a rare clarity and elegance. It's a fragrance that invites you to dream and travel, while remaining rooted in exceptional craftsmanship.

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Welcome to the world of niche perfumes.

What makes niche fragrances so captivating and singular? The evolution of perfumery has been marked by key events that have shaped its current essence. From the creation of the first made-to-measure perfumes by perfume houses, followed by the industrialization of the sector leading to the generalization of mass-produced perfumes, the emergence of niche perfumery represented a major event that reaffirmed the importance of creativity, nobility and originality in contemporary perfumery. Today, niche perfumery is of particular interest to lovers of rare fragrances.

Discover the fundamental characteristics of this unique olfactory universe with this essential information that will help you answer the question: what is niche perfumery?

Niche perfumery, also known as confidential perfumery, author's parfumery or creator's perfumery, is the result of a constant desire to place the quality of raw materials at the heart of the perfume-making process. Thanks to the creativity of perfumers, niche perfumes meet the expectations of connoisseurs who wish to move away from popular scents and seek out perfumes with a more assertive personality, closer to their image and style.

Niche perfumes, a kind of perfume elite, are distinguished by their independence from market trends. These fragrances are developed without the constraints of fashion, favoring rare, powerful formulas to surprise connoisseurs. In other words, niche perfumes don't appeal to the masses, but captivate those seeking exceptional scents and high-end fragrances.

Let's delve into the history of niche perfumery. In the past, only perfume houses dominated the market, focusing on the quality of their creations rather than on advertising campaigns. However, the arrival of haute couture brands changed all that. Major manufacturers entered the market with fragrances aimed at the general public. In this model, marketing represents on average between 25 and 35% of the perfume's final price.

Unlike the big international brands, which rely on spectacular advertising and celebrities, niche perfumeries adopt a low-key marketing approach, emphasizing the true quality of the fragrance. In this way, consumers pay for the intrinsic value of the fragrance, rather than the prestige associated with advertising campaigns.

What's the difference between a niche perfume and a mainstream perfume? Unlike mass-market perfumes, niche fragrances are not limited in their manufacturing costs, offer original, high-quality notes, and adopt a "no-nonsense" marketing approach.

Niche fragrances are created by top perfumers, passionate devotees of their art. These true artists of perfumery create unprecedented blends, expressing all their inventiveness and creativity, employing the finest ingredients with no cost limits. A niche perfume aims to arouse exceptional emotions in users, with a stronger concentration, longer lasting hold and rare olfactory notes.

These fragrances are distinguished by their authenticity. In the niche perfumery sector, each olfactory note tells an original story, offering an exceptional sensory experience. Niche perfumes stand out for their irreproachable olfactory quality, meeting the expectations of lovers of rare fragrances.

Niche perfumeries, thanks to their creative freedom, give life to authentic fragrances with unique olfactory signatures. Each niche fragrance becomes an extension of the consumer's personality, offering an exceptional olfactory experience. Niche fragrances are for those who don't want to smell like everyone else.

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Elle est l'un des parfumeurs les plus en vue du moment, créatrice de certains des parfums les plus mémorables de ces dernières années pour Amouage, Jacques Fath ou Nishane.

Rencontre avec Cécile Zarokian

Elle est l'un des parfumeurs les plus en vue du moment, créatrice de certains des parfums les plus mémorables de ces dernières années pour Amouage, Jacques Fath ou Nishane.

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