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Like a Summer Breeze

Fancy something new and wearing a fragrance that welcomes the warmer weather?

Discover our selection of fresh, floral fragrances that will bring joy to your skin.

THOMAS DE MONACO fragrances are formulated with the most exclusive ingredients. They celebrate artistic independence, poetry, emotion and uncompromising quality, for lasting, timeless luxury. Leave a memorable impression with these extracts of incomparable hold and sillage!

Under the spotlights:
Stéphanie de Bruin

Gabriel Gabor:
Rarer than an Astronaut

Immerse yourself in a sensory journey where elegance meets olfactory craftsmanship. Let yourself be enchanted by the captivating world of Parfums De Gabor, an experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional perfume.

Imagine yourself on a mountain peak, under a starry sky, and take a deep breath. This is the beginning of a journey into the heart of unique fragrance creations, orchestrated by the highly talented Gabriel Gabor.

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Most Sought-After

In the world of fragrances, one brand stands out for its commitment to nature and humanity: Parfumeurs du Monde.

Created by passionate and committed perfumers, Parfumeurs du Monde crafts fragrances from exceptional raw materials, highlighting the treasures of nature and the people who create them.

Each perfume is conceived as an olfactory tale in which the perfumer is a writer. Their raw materials are words that take you to fragrant faraway lands, to stories of exceptional men and women.

The Parfumeurs du Monde fragrances are 100% natural.

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Our Must-Smell Selection

The extreme Extraits of WESKER

Our curator was impressed by the quest for the exceptional that guides the two founders. "Their patented technology allows the natural ingredients to express themselves with greater intensity. Their bottles are hand-decorated with gold leaf. Each piece is a one-off".

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SCENTISSIME is happy to offer you one month of special offers on magnificent brands: DUSITA, STATE OF MIND, TONI CABAL, UNIKA, or DE GABOR.
Here's an example With every purchase of a DUSITA 50 ml or 100 ml perfume, you'll receive a free Travel Gift Set worth between €85 and €120, ideal for holidays or weekends away.
Until 29 July, we invite you to rediscover the world of the exceptional fragrances for which SCENTISSIME is renowned.

To enjoy your Summer Privileges, click on the icon at the bottom left of the image or shop it on Free delivery and returns.

SCENTISSIME a le plaisir de vous proposer pendant un mois des offres privilégiées sur de magnifiques marques : DUSITA, STATE OF MIND, TONI CABAL, UNIKA, ou encore DE GABOR.
Un exemple ? Pour tout achat d’un parfum DUSITA 50 ml ou 100 ml, vous recevrez gracieusement un Coffret Voyage d’une valeur de 85 à 120 €, idéal pour les vacances ou les week-ends.
Jusqu’au 29 juillet, nous vous invitons à redécouvrir l'univers des parfums d'exception qui font la renommée de SCENTISSIME.

Pour profiter de vos Privilèges d'Eté, cliquez sur l'icône en bas à gauche de l'image ou découvrez-le sur Livraison et retours gratuits.  

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  • 🇬🇧 EXCLUSIVE: Sound of the Sun by @VELVETVELO. An alcohol-free piña colada to spray in the sun ! 

Olfactive notes: Coconut, Frangipani, Sun

Wear Sound of the Sun on your skin without
damaging it, even under the sun, thanks to
AQUAFINE vegan and alcohol-free technologies.

🇨🇵 EXCLUSIVITÉ: Sound of the Sun par @VELVETVELO. Une piña colada à vaporiser, et sans alcool.

Notes olfactives de Coco, de Frangipanier, et notes solaires. 

Portez Sound of the Sun sur votre peau sans
l'agresser, même sous le soleil, grâce à la
technologie végane et sans alcool AQUAFINE.

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  • 🇬🇧 EXCLUSIVE!  At Scentissime, we are among the very few stores to stock the limited second release of the Neo-Animism fragrance by surf brand MAMI WATA.  

African surf culture. That's the story of Mami Wata and they like to tell it in many ways. Fragrance is a powerful storyteller, but could it tell the story of African surf culture in a scent? Neo-Animism's captivating essence brings together the scents of ocean minerals and green bar soap to tell a unique story of African surf culture.

We can't wait for you to connect with Neo-Animism. They will move fast.

To purchase it, click on the icon at the bottom left of the image or shop it on Free delivery and returns.  

🇨🇵 EXCLUSIF - Chez Scentissime, nous sommes parmi les rares magasins à proposer la deuxième production limitée du parfum Neo-Animism de la marque de surf MAMI WATA. 

La culture africaine du surf est l'histoire de MamiWata et ils aiment la raconter de différentes manières. Le parfum est un puissant conteur d'histoires, mais pourrait-il raconter l'histoire de la culture africaine du surf dans un parfum ? L'essence captivante de Neo-Animism réunit les senteurs des minéraux de l'océan et du savon vert pour raconter une histoire unique de la culture africaine du surf.

Nous avons hâte que vous vous connectiez avec Neo-Animism.

Pour l'acheter, cliquez sur l'icône en bas à gauche de l'image ou achetez-le sur Livraison et retours gratuits. 

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  • 🇬🇧 Un vin rosé sous la tonnelle by @roseetmarius reveals fruity and woody notes enhanced by #patchouli from India and Ylang Ylang from the Comores. 

An Eau de Parfum ideal for sunny days, to be discovered by clicking on the cart icon at the bottom left of the image and on Free delivery and returns.

🇨🇵 Un vin rosé sous la tonnelle de @roseetmarius révèle des notes fruitées et boisées rehaussées de #patchouli des Indes et d'Ylang Ylang des Comores. 

Une Eau de Parfum idéale pour les jours ensoleillés, à découvrir en appuyant sur l'icône shopping en bas à gauche de l'image et sur Livraison et retour offerts.  

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  • 🇬🇧 Unveil your rebellious side with Deviant from @weskerperumes. A fragrance that defies the ordinary, the Deviant Extrait de Parfum is crafted for those who dare to be different. With bold, captivating notes that challenge the status quo, this scent is your statement of individuality and confidence. Embrace your inner rebel and let Deviant redefine your Essence.

Click on the cart icon or order it on Free shipping in all the EU. 

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🇨🇵 Révélez votre côté rebelle avec Deviant de @weskerperfumes. Défiant l'ordinaire, l'extrait Deviant est conçu pour ceux qui osent être différentes. Avec ses notes audacieuses et captivantes qui remettent en question le statu quo, ce parfum est votre déclaration d'individualité et de confiance. Embrassez votre rebelle intérieur et laissez Deviant redéfinir votre Essence.

Acheter le en cliquant sur l'icône en bas à droite ou sur La livraison est gratuite dans toute l'UE.  

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  • 🥰 Did you know that LESQUENDIEU, a French Perfume House originally founded in 1903, was brought back to life by the grandson of the founder, Jérôme Lesquendieu ? 

Let’s focus on one of their recent creations, 🙌 Davana. This fragrance is a symphony of botanical delights, evoking a dreamy reverie with every spritz.

As the first notes unfurl, the essence of davana fills the air, its sweet, fruity aroma enveloping the senses like a warm embrace. Bergamot lends a citrusy brightness, adding a touch of effervescence to the composition and setting the stage for the olfactory journey to come.

In the heart of Davana lies a delicate interplay of black tea and rose. Black tea infuses the fragrance with a subtle earthiness, reminiscent of a quiet afternoon spent sipping tea in a sun-dappled garden. Rose petals unfold with a soft, romantic sweetness, their floral elegance adding depth and complexity to the blend.

As the fragrance settles, the base notes emerge, grounding Davana with the rich, woody aroma of Atlas cedar. This noble wood lends a sense of strength and stability to the composition, its resinous warmth lingering on the skin like a fond memory.

Buy it by touching the « cart » icon on the pic or go to

1st gorgeous pic borrowed from @perfumenose

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  • Enter the luxurious world of Thomas de Monaco! 

Scentissime is proud to welcome this prestigious brand and offer you its exceptional olfactory creations, made with noble natural ingredients and artisanal know-how. 

Explore a rich and vibrant olfactory universe, and find the fragrance that's right for you thanks to our tailor-made advisory service.

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Welcome to the world of niche perfumes.

What makes niche fragrances so captivating and singular? The evolution of perfumery has been marked by key events that have shaped its current essence. From the creation of the first made-to-measure perfumes by perfume houses, followed by the industrialization of the sector leading to the generalization of mass-produced perfumes, the emergence of niche perfumery represented a major event that reaffirmed the importance of creativity, nobility and originality in contemporary perfumery. Today, niche perfumery is of particular interest to lovers of rare fragrances.

Discover the fundamental characteristics of this unique olfactory universe with this essential information that will help you answer the question: what is niche perfumery?

Niche perfumery, also known as confidential perfumery, author's parfumery or creator's perfumery, is the result of a constant desire to place the quality of raw materials at the heart of the perfume-making process. Thanks to the creativity of perfumers, niche perfumes meet the expectations of connoisseurs who wish to move away from popular scents and seek out perfumes with a more assertive personality, closer to their image and style.

Niche perfumes, a kind of perfume elite, are distinguished by their independence from market trends. These fragrances are developed without the constraints of fashion, favoring rare, powerful formulas to surprise connoisseurs. In other words, niche perfumes don't appeal to the masses, but captivate those seeking exceptional scents and high-end fragrances.

Let's delve into the history of niche perfumery. In the past, only perfume houses dominated the market, focusing on the quality of their creations rather than on advertising campaigns. However, the arrival of haute couture brands changed all that. Major manufacturers entered the market with fragrances aimed at the general public. In this model, marketing represents on average between 25 and 35% of the perfume's final price.

Unlike the big international brands, which rely on spectacular advertising and celebrities, niche perfumeries adopt a low-key marketing approach, emphasizing the true quality of the fragrance. In this way, consumers pay for the intrinsic value of the fragrance, rather than the prestige associated with advertising campaigns.

What's the difference between a niche perfume and a mainstream perfume? Unlike mass-market perfumes, niche fragrances are not limited in their manufacturing costs, offer original, high-quality notes, and adopt a "no-nonsense" marketing approach.

Niche fragrances are created by top perfumers, passionate devotees of their art. These true artists of perfumery create unprecedented blends, expressing all their inventiveness and creativity, employing the finest ingredients with no cost limits. A niche perfume aims to arouse exceptional emotions in users, with a stronger concentration, longer lasting hold and rare olfactory notes.

These fragrances are distinguished by their authenticity. In the niche perfumery sector, each olfactory note tells an original story, offering an exceptional sensory experience. Niche perfumes stand out for their irreproachable olfactory quality, meeting the expectations of lovers of rare fragrances.

Niche perfumeries, thanks to their creative freedom, give life to authentic fragrances with unique olfactory signatures. Each niche fragrance becomes an extension of the consumer's personality, offering an exceptional olfactory experience. Niche fragrances are for those who don't want to smell like everyone else.

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Rencontre avec Cécile Zarokian

Elle est l'un des parfumeurs les plus en vue du moment, créatrice de certains des parfums les plus mémorables de ces dernières années pour Amouage, Jacques Fath ou Nishane.

Rencontre avec Cécile Zarokian

Elle est l'un des parfumeurs les plus en vue du moment, créatrice de certains des parfums les plus mémorables de ces dernières années pour Amouage, Jacques Fath ou Nishane.

Welcome to Private Fragrances!

Bienvenue chez Private Fragrances ! Avec plus de 200 marques et 1900 parfums. Promenez-vous dans nos nombreuses boutiques, pour profiter de nos soldes chaussures deux fois par an, et de l’arrivée saisonnière de nos nouvelles collections de chaussures. Retrouvez des chaussures femme, chaussures homme et enfants, de la plus petite à la plus grande pointure ! Que vous soyez derbies ou mocassins, talons hauts ou sacs à main de luxe, entre petits prix et maxi choix, Private Fragrances vous promet une saison hautement stylée. Vous venez ?

Cette saison, ça va boomer dans les dressings. Nos nouvelles collections de chaussures tendances vont booster votre style ! Couleurs pop, imprimés en folie, indispensables basiques twistés et semelles totalement décalées : les mines

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